by Sarah Bierstock

Pronunciation Guide

Please reference the below link for any pronunciation questions in HONOR KILLING. If the word you are seeking is not included, please feel free to reach out for clarification. Listen Here 

Interview with Sarah Bierstock: Part One

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Script Companion

Below are a collection of resources for Sarah Bierstock's HONOR KILLING. Research points are defined in the order they appear in the script. BBC: The British Broadcasting Corporation is the largest and oldest national broadcasting organization. Visit BBC here to get... Continue Reading →

Words from the Dramaturg…

Our team at Athena Project was immediately struck by the compassion and specificity of Sarah Bierstock's HONOR KILLING. As a thoughtful and compelling journey of a young woman searching for answers about another woman's death across the world, the play touched on... Continue Reading →

Where are we?

The world of HONOR KILLING... PAKISTAN: Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia with a population of over 200 million people. The official languages are Urdu and English. Pakistan is bordered by Iran, Afghanistan, China, India,... Continue Reading →

The Death of Farzana Parveen

HONOR KILLING is based on the true story of Farzana Parveen’s death in May 2014 in Lahore, Pakistan. Sarah Bierstock’s play explores the world of arranged marriages, womanhood in Pakistan, and the role of American journalism in non-Western culture. Read... Continue Reading →

Sarah Bierstock – About the Playwright

A native New Yorker, Sarah attended Tisch School of the Art’s NYU’s CAP 21 (Musical Theatre Program), and graduated from Bard College with a degree in Philosophy and Theatre.  She has lived and performed internationally- (France, Ireland, Spain) and is... Continue Reading →

Character Breakdown

HONOR KILLING Character Breakdown Note: HONOR KILLING can be performed with six actors when doubling is required. The below is the playwright's preference (without doubling).    Actor 1: Allisyn Davis: 35, Caucasian American. A freelance journalist; works for The New York Times.... Continue Reading →

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